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Reading Smart: Advanced Techniques for Improved Reading

A complete and easy-to-use guide for students and adults who want to improve their reading comprehension and speed. It explains how to get through more material faster and it also offers tips on reading novels, textbooks, short stories, articles and more.

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Super Reading Secrets

Devised by the man recorded in Guinness as the world's fastest reader - 80 pages per minute - this is the only program that combines the most up-to-date learning techniques and psychological discoveries with proven speed-reading methods and ancient tools like meditation to significantly improve both reading speed and comprehension.

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501 Reading Comprehension Questions

Through a series of reading comprehension problems, this book helps readers understand and analyze everything from technical writing, charts, and graphs to poetry and literature.

You will learn to develop expert reading strategies and understand how to read faster!

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Reading Comprehension Success In 20 Minutes a Day

Reading Comprehension Success in 20 Minutes a Day is a very basic (and non-intimidating) book that could be used successfully to train our students not only to read better but also to write better. Its content pertains to the work world, which is also a positive. Anyone preparing to take a job-related exam that tests for basic language, math, and/or critical thinking skills.

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