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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés


  • to catch someone's eye = attract someone's attention, make someone notice.
    If you would catch the waiter's eye, I'd like some more bread.
  • to be easy on the eye = be pleasant to look at.
  • to be eagle-eyed = be very good at seeing or noticing things.
  • to be up to one's eyes (in something) = be extremely busy.
    I'm sorry I didn't call you yesterday, but I was up to my eyes in work.
  • to cast/run an eye over something = look quickly over something.
  • to cry one's eyes out = cry a lot.
  • to have an eye for something = be a good judge of something.
    Her flat is so nice, she obviously has an eye for decoration.
  • to have eyes in the back of one's head = be alert, notice everything going on around one.
    The teacher knows everything we do, she must have eyes in the back of her head!
  • to keep an eye on something/somebody = look at something/somebody continually and carefully.
    Would you keep an eye on the children while I go to the doctor's?
  • to see eye to eye (with someone) (on something) = agree.
    They are a perfect couple, they see eye to eye on most things.
  • to turn a blind eye to something = ignore something.
    He knows I always get late, but he just turns a blind eye to it.
  • to do something with one's eyes closed = do something very easily.
    Using this fax machine is really easy, you can do it with your eyes closed!
  • to keep one's eyes skinned/peeled = remain alert.
    Nobody should see that I'm doing this, so keep your eyes peeled and tell me if someone is coming.
  • to open someone's eyes = make somebody realize the truth about something.
  • there's more to something that meets the eye = something is more complex than it looks.


Choose the right answer.

1. Your husband is lying to you, Mary. Please .

2. The teacher knows that he's cheating all the time, but she .

3. As a mother I know everything that my son does. I !

4. She's so pretty! She really is .

5. The boss and the employess don't usually  .

6. Come on, we have to go! Just over those secret papers and let's get out of here!

7. Charles knows how to operate this machine. He can .

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