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Listening Comprehension - Comprensión Auditiva

Cómo realizar este ejercicio de comprensión auditiva

- Siempre encontrarás una pequeña introducción, que puede ayudarte a comprender el tema tratado.

- Antes de mirar el video, lee las preguntas y las opciones presentadas, para saber exactamente lo que debes averiguar y así escuchar con más atención esa información.

- Quizás puedes deducir las respuestas sin necesidad de mirar el video. Sin embargo, debes confirmar con el video cuál es la opción correcta.

- Puedes mirar el video cuantas veces sea necesario. Pero es recomendable hacerlo solamente dos veces (o tres veces como máximo) ya que esa es la forma en que normalmente se realizan estos ejercicios en exámenes y pruebas internacionales.

- Comprueba tus aciertos pulsando el botón "Corregir". Si no has podido completar todas las palabras, pulsa el botón "Solución" para ver cuáles eran las que te faltaban.

- Una vez terminado el ejercicio, puedes pulsar "Ver texto" para leer el texto completo y comprobar las respuestas.

British Art Exhibit Features Live Birds
Topic: Spring is in the air at London's Barbican Center and the birds are making music, literally. A band of zebra finches is playing electric guitars and cymbals in a walk through area of the arts center. Source: VOA

Watch the video and choose the right answer.

Click here to watch the video

1. Only 25 people per day are allowed in.
It's not said on the video.

2. The birds feel uncomfortable around people.
It's not said on the video.

3. There are ___ finches in the exhibiti.

4. The exhibit was created by a French artist.
It's not said on the video.

5. Gillespie thinks that this exhibit can encourage children to think that anybody can make music.
It's not said on the video.


Ver texto

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These zebra finches are part of an art installation in London's Barbican Center that's become a musical sensation, says Assistant Curator Ariella Yedgar. "It's musical, there's so much to look at. There's live birds in a gallery which is really exceptional, so we thought it would appeal to lots of people but it's exceeded our expectations in that way."

Only 25 people at a time are allowed in. Some wait quite a while before getting into the small exhibition space.

The entrance is dark, with projections of electric guitars on the walls. The space then opens up and birds flutter between man-made islands, tapping on amplified Les Paul guitars and upturned cymbals, producing music of a sort. Yedgar says there are rules.

"Don't feed the birds, because they're on a very strict and healthy diet. In general be respectful, don't make any sudden sounds. They really love being around people but we don't want them to feel uncomfortable."

The birds seem comfortable around people. They peck at shoes and cluster around a camera tripod.

The 40 finches here are regularly checked by specialists to make sure they're healthy. They've been here a couple of months but even in this controlled environment, they know it's springtime.

The finches are lining their nesting boxes, and some are looking for other places to nest - on guitars and the exit sign.

Visitors seem to love them. "I'm delighted not only because of what I'm seeing, but also because the grandchildren are enjoying it. And that's the whole point really to show them something new."

The exhibit is the brainchild of French composer and artist Céleste Boursier-Mougenot who wanted to explore the rhythms of daily life.

Musician Bobby Gillespie, who leads the band Primal Scream, heard about it from colleagues. "The birds are probably better musicians than most musicians."

Gillespie thought this would inspire his children. "It can encourage them to think that, you know, anybody can make music, you know, even a little bird jumping on an electric guitar, you know."

In a world where twitter and tweets are a new way to communicate, these birds are making a different kind of music.
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