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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés

Homophones are words that have different meaning and spelling, but the same pronunciation.
They usually are difficult words for students of English and English speakers as well.

Homophones son las palabras que tienen diferente significado y escritura, pero la misma pronunciación.
Suelen ser palabras difíciles para los estudiantes de inglés y también para los angloparlantes.

aisle, isle
ate, eight
bare, bear
be, bee
blew, blue
brake, break
buy, by
cell, sell
cent, sent, scent
chord, cord
dear, deer
die, dye
fair, fare
flea, flee
flour, flower
guest, guessed
heal, heel
hear, here
hole, whole
hour, our
in, inn
its, it's
knew, new
knot, not
know, no
made, maid
mail, male
meat, meet
night, knight
pail, pale
pair, pare, pear
peace, piece
pray, prey
rain, rein, reign
real, reel
right, write, rite
road, rode, rowed
role, roll
sail, sale
sea, see
sight, site, cite
soar, sore
sole, soul
son, sun
stair, stare
stake, steak
steal, steel
tail, tale
threw, through
to, too, two
vain, vane, vein
waist, waste
wait, weight
way, weigh
week, weak
wood, would

We thank Augusto Bonalumi (from Córdoba, Argentina) for his contribution.


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