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English & Songs - Aprender inglés con canciones
Learn English with songs
Las letras de canciones en inglés resultan muy útiles para aprender palabras y expresiones nuevas, ya que muchas veces utilizan vocabulario informal y coloquial. También te pueden ayudar a comprender mejor el inglés hablado.

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Listening exercise

En este ejercicio puedes practicar tu comprensión auditiva. Pulsa el botón Video para escuchar la canción y completa los recuadros con las palabras que faltan.

Versión para imprimir

by Destiny's Child

How many times
Are you gonna apologize about the same thing?
And how many times can I take it
When I'm not the one that's doing wrong?
I thought maybe if I started
That we would get better, but
When I would , the answer
Would always come back to me being done.
But we are so
When we're in love.
So I...

I told myself that I would make some changes.
But the more I change
There's one thing that remains the same.
I can't seem to you.
You seem to really have a on me.
And every time that we ,
We turn around and .
This can't go on now.
I gotta move on now.
It's not the that I don't love you no more.
But I gotta break this bad habit.
Can't take his bad habit no more.

I'm totally out of my element,
Learning new ways to live,
While you're in a ,
Not even thinking to call.
And then when I get mad, you buy me ,
Thinking it's gonna solve every ,
From the girl calling my phone
To the pictures that I saw.
And every time
You would with me for nothing at all.
I've been taking all I could take
But the way I live gotta change, oh.


Let me break it down.
Have you ever loved somebody
So much that you were just too to see
Past all of the pain they were causing you?
Ladies, do you feel me?
Have you ever loved somebody
So much that you against the right things
That you should do?
Then it's time to make a change.
So I...



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Practica comprensión auditiva o listening comprehension con noticias de la actualidad. Listening




Aprende expresiones en inglés de uso cotidiano analizando diálogos de series de televisión en English & TV.


¿Qué significa "a bolt of lightning"? ¿Cómo se dice "crucero"? ¿Cuál es el comparativo de "scared"? ¿Qué significa "unravel"?

Aprende estas y otras expresiones de uso cotidiano analizando diálogos de películas en English & Movies.