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English Short Stories - Cuentos en inglés
Aesop's Fables: The Hart in the Ox-Stall

A Hart hotly pursued by the hounds fled for refuge into an ox-stall, and buried itself in a truss of hay, leaving nothing to be seen but the tips of his horns.

Soon after the Hunters came up and asked if any one had seen the Hart.

The stable boys, who had been resting after their dinner, looked round, but could see nothing, and the Hunters went away.

Shortly afterwards the master came in, and looking round, saw that something unusual had taken place.

He pointed to the truss of hay and said: "What are those two curious things sticking out of the hay?"

And when the stable boys came to look they discovered the Hart, and soon made an end of him. He thus learnt that

Nothing escapes the master's eye.

hart ciervo
hotly de cerca
pursued perseguido
hounds perros de caza
fled huyó
for refuge para refugiarse
ox-stall establo de buey
buried se sumergió, se escondió
truss pila
hay heno
leaving dejando
tips puntas
horns cuernos
hunters cazadores
stable establo
had been resting habían estado descansando
looked round registraron
went away se fueron
shortly afterwards poco después
master dueño, amo
unusual inusual
pointed señaló
sticking out sobresaliendo
thus por consiguiente
learnt aprendió

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