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  • Level: Beginner
  • Age: Above 8

We thank Lily Adamson (a teacher from Inca, Spain) for sending this idea.


Language target: Me too / I don't / I can't / I am not / Neither do/can/am I, etc.

Material needed:

- Cards with action verbs (pictures or  written) i.e. climbing, photography, shopping, cooking, traveling, etc. From 20 to 50 cards, depending on the length of the game and number of players.
- Dice


- Put the cards face down in the middle of the table.

- Player that starts picks a card and rolls the dice. If the dice shows an odd number the player must make a negative sentence with his card, i.e. "I can't skate" or "I don't like cooking".

If the dice shows an even number the player must produce an affirmative sentence, i.e. "I tavel a lot" or "I'm a photographer".

Then the next player (or the player to his/her right) must agree or disagree with the statement. If he/she does it correctly, the student who has made the sentence gives him/her the card and the game continues in the same way. But if the student makes a mistake they get a point. Every 2 points they miss a turn. The student with the most cards wins.

This game can be adapted and done in the past simple, present perfect, etc. or it can be simplified using jobs, for example. Focus only on the verb to be, and use the dice to decide if the player must agree or disagree with the card.
For example, CHEF - "I'm not..." or "Me too".





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