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  • Level: Intermediate
  • Age: Above 12

We thank Francisco Cerrillo (a teacher from Madrid, Spain) for sending this activity.

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Answer these questions.

1. Who was the director of a firm of drills?

2. Where did Mr and Mrs Dursley live?

3. What didn't they like very much?

4. How was Mr Dursley?

5. How was Mrs Dursley?

6. What was the Dursleys' secret?

7. What did Mr Dursley see that dull gray morning?

8. What was it doing?

9. What else did he notice that day?

10. What did he do in his office that day?

11. What did he hear when he went for a bun?

12. What did he see when he went back home?

13. What did the Dursleys do after dinner?

14. What did they hear on the news?

15. What did Mr Dursley see when he went to bed?

16. Who appeared at midnight at the corner of the Dursleys' house?

17. Who was that man?

18. What was he playing with?

19. Who did he speak to on that corner?

20. What did Professor Dumbledore like, specially from the Muggles?

21. What were the rumours?

22. Who has killed Mr and Mrs Potter?

23. Who survived the attack of You-Know-Who?

24. Why was Professor Dumbledore that night there?

25. Who was bringing Harry Potter to Privet Drive?

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