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  • Level: Intermediate
  • Age: Above 12

We thank Francisco Cerrillo (a teacher from Madrid, Spain) for sending this activity.

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Complete the sentences about the Dursleys with vocabulary from the chapter.

1. The Dursleys didn't think they could ______ it if anyone found out about the Potters.

2. The Dursleys __________ to think what the neighbors would say.

3. The Dursleys woke up on the ______ gray Tuesday.

4. Mr. Dursley  was a big, _______ man with hardly any neck.

5. Mr. Dursley ________ as he  picked  out his tie.

6. Mr.  Dursley ________ Mrs. Dursley on the cheek

7. Mr. Dursley ________ his head around to look again.

8. Mr. Dursley couldn't ______ people who dressed in funny clothes-the getups.

9. Mr. Dursley was _________ to see that a couple of them weren't young at all.

10. Mr. Dursley didn't see the owls __________ past in broad daylight.

11. Mr. Dursley ________ at five different people.

12. Mr. Dursley bought himself a _____ from the bakery.

13. Mr. Dursley was ___________ a large doughnut in a bag.

14. Mr. Dursley ________ back across the road.

15. Mr. Dursley ________ at his secretary not to disturb him.

16. Mr. Dursley ________ his telephone.

17. Mr. Dursley ________ to the bedroom window.

18. Mr. Dursley ________ down into the front garden.

19. Mr. Dursley ________ and turned over.

20. Mr. Dursley might have been __________ into an uneasy sleep.

21. Mr. Dursley was ________ by an old man.

22. Mrs. Dursley spends most of her time __________ over garden fences.

23. Mrs. Dursley _________ a screaming Dudley into his high chair.

24. Mrs. Dursley sipped her tea through ________ lips.


Answer Key:

1. bear
2. shuddered
3. dull
4. beefy
5. hummed
6. pecked
7. jerked
8. bear
9. enraged
10. swooping
11. yelled
12. bun
13. clutching
14. dashed
15. snapped
16. seized
17. crept
18. peered
19. yawned
20. drifting
21. hugged
22. craning
23. wrestled
24. pursed



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