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  • Level: Intermediate
  • Age: Above 12

We thank Francisco Cerrillo (a teacher from Madrid, Spain) for sending these activities.

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When L went back from the wardrobe she didn't find anybody except Mrs Macready.
L went into the wardrobe just after lunch.
Her brothers and sister did believed L's story, except Edmund.
L had tea with Mr T in Narnia.
L didn't lie when she told her brother what happened in Narnia.
According to L's brothers and sister she has been in Narnia.
L tried to convince them and showed them the room and the wardrobe.
Edmund rapped his knuckles on the wardrobe to prove it was an ordinary wardrobe.
The wardrobe was full of coats.
L was a truthful girl.
The first couple of days after the visit to Narnia L was even happier than before.
Those days after the first visit to Narnia the weather was very good.
After the first visit to Narnia they had to stay at home and they couldn't do anything outdoors.
One day the decided to play “hide and seek” again.
The one who supposed to look for the others was L.
That day L wanted to see the wardrobe and to find out if everything had been a dream.
L wanted to go back to Narnia, that is why she entered again into the wardrobe.
Suddenly L heard the steps and hid wherever she could.
Edmund went after L and went into the wardrobe, to find L.
As Edmund got inside the wardrobe he found himself in the middle of a wood.
When Edmund was in the middle of the wood, it was full of birds.
When Edmund was standing in the middle of the wood, he heard a noise coming towards him.
At the end the sound came nearer and it was a sledge.
The sledge was drawn by two huge reindeer, and the driver was as huge as the reindeer.
As Edmund saw the sledge he was astonished, his face was pale.
In the middle of the sledge there was a tall lady.
The woman was taller than any other woman he had known and all dressed in black.
The woman gave Edmund her wand to hold it.
The woman asked Edmund his name.
Edmund told her his name without addressing her as a queen.
The dwarf told Edmund that he didn't speak to the lady like a queen.

Who was... in this chapter?

abrupt, brusque
arrogant, presumptuous
brave, courageous
discourteous, rude
eccentric, peculiar
notorious, popular
petulant, irritable
tense, nervous
weird, odd

Who was/were...?

Who was ashamed?
Who blew up his nose?
Who were champing?
Who was a chap?
Who was creepy?
Where was the fir?
What was flaming?
Who had her face frowned?
Where were the fur coats?
What was gilded?
Who were lying on the heather?
Who were howling?
Who was inquisitive?
Who lulled?
What is a mantelpiece?
What happened to L at midnight?
What was full of mothball?
Who was queer?
Where did the raid happen?
What did the reindeer draw?
Who rubbed his nose?

WW = White Witch 
E = Edmund 
L = Lucy

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