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Ideas for ELT/EFL/ESL (English) teachersTHE FRIDGE

  • Level: Beginner
  • Age: Under 12
  • Subject: Prepositions, food, countables and uncountables.


You will need one large piece of paper or board. This will be the fridge. With a smaller piece you will make the freezer. You can draw a line through the edges. Make some horizontal lines to simulate the shelves if you like.

Cut a piece of paper that covers these two other parts, to simulate the fridge door. Attach it with tape so that the students can come and open the door.

Draw some fruit, drinks or vegetables on pieces of paper. You can also cut them from advertisements or supermarket catalogs. Place them inside the fridge with tape.

Each student opens the door and asks another student a question. For example,  Where are the tomatoes? What is next to the milk? How many apples are there? How much milk is there? The other student has to answer correctly to win one point and he/she can now ask a different question. The student with more points wins the game.

The game can also be played the other way round, i.e. all the pictures are outside the fridge and each student should place one element inside the fridge. He/she can then say "I put the apples next to the milk".

You can also use velcro to attach the pictures. Feel free to modify any part of this game!





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