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We thank Francis Dixon-Clarke (from Sao Paulo, Brazil) for sending this idea.

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Choose an answer from the possible definitions.

A shower is: light rain / heavy rain / a short period of rain / frozen water

Drizzle is: very light rain / heavy rain / small crystals of frozen water / melting ice

A deluge is: a period of very heavy rain / light rain / flooding / melting ice

A storm is: high winds and heavy rain / blue sky and sun / very hot weather / very cold weather

Snowy weather is: lots of small flakes of frozen rain / frost / lots of sun / lots of rain

Windy weather is: lots of sun / very cold / period of fast moving air / melting ice

Sunny weather is: lots of sun / very cold / high winds / wet weather

Icy weather is: lots of snow / sheets of frozen water / drizzle / sunny weather

Black ice is: ice on a lake / ice on windows / ice you cannot see on the road / frozen earth

A thunderclap is: loud atmospheric noise in the sky / flash of  electricity in the sky / sunny period / cold period

Lightning is: hot period / very wet weather / flash of electricity in the sky / lots of wind

A drift is: period of cold weather / rainy weather / sunny weather / lots of snow blown against an object

A blizzard is: lots of thunder / heavy snow and high winds / icy weather / hot weather

A whirlwind is: a deluge / a storm / high speed circular winds / a shower

A tornado is: a whirlwind / a deluge / a shower / thunder

Fair weather is: a period of warm dry weather / bad weather / cold weather / wet weather

Changeable weather is: predictable weather / unpredictable weather

A heat wave is: period of wet weather / period of windy weather / period of very hot weather / lots of rain

A hot spell is: a heat wave / a deluge / a shower / thunder

A cold snap is: long period of wet weather / thunder / a sudden period of very cold weather / melting ice

When it is teeming down it is: very cold / a hot spell / melting ice / raining heavily

Dew is: frozen water / moisture found on the ground in the early morning / melting ice / very cold weather

Freezing weather is: very hot / very wet / very, very cold / drizzly weather

Frost is: wet weather / frozen dew / sheets of frozen water / melting ice

Slush is: melting ice or snow / lots of whirlwinds / heavy rain / cold snap

Hailstones are: small pieces of frozen rain / snow / hot weather / fair weather

Sleet is: hot weather / dry weather / semi-frozen rain and high winds / hot spell

Cloudy weather is: weather with lots of water vapour in the sky / hot weather / cold weather / snowy weather

A flood is: not enough water / too much water / too much snow / not enough wind

A drought is: too much snow / not enough sun / too little water / too much wind

A flash-flood is: a cold snap / sudden flooding / a heat wave / hailstones

Close weather is: changeable weather / cloudy weather / hot and stuffy weather / drizzly weather

A hurricane is: high winds / wind over 100mph / cold snap / heat wave

A breeze is: a soft wind / a cold wind / a high wind / a warm wind

A biting wind is: a warm wind / a high wind / a cold wind / a breeze

Blustery winds are: winds that exceed 100mph / winds that vary in strength / very cold winds / very hot winds

A gale is: a high wind / a soft breeze / a cold wind / a hurricane

A gust is: a sudden force of wind / a soft breeze / a biting wind / a gale

Muggy weather is: stuffy and hot / dry and cold / wet and cold / windy

A flurry is: sudden swirl of wind and snow calm weather / hot weather / low humidity

When it is bitterly cold it is: cold / cold and wet / very cold / very, very cold

A downpour is: sudden drizzle / sudden snow / sudden heavy rain / sudden hailstones

Chilly weather is: very warm / very hot / very cold / a bit cold

When there is a nip in the air it is: chilly / freezing / hot / breezy

When it is overcast there are: lots of clouds / lots of rain / lots of snow / lots of sun

Misty weather is: low level water vapour / high level water vapour

Foggy weather is: a sort of thick mist / lots of rain / very cold / very windy

Smog is: fog / fog and pollution / mist / overcast

Inclement weather is: not very nice weather / freezing weather / hot weather / misty

Tip: After this exercise, you can also give your students a List of Weather vocabulary with or without translations.



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