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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés
To direct somebody somewhere means to tell a person how to get to a place, but you don't go with that person.
To take somebody somewhere means you go with that person to a place.
To lead somebody somewhere means you go in front of that person, who follows you to a place.
To direct somebody somewhere significa decirle a una persona cómo llegar a un lugar, pero tú no vas con esa persona.
To take somebody somewhere significa que tú vas con esa persona a un lugar.
To lead somebody somewhere significa que tú vas delante de esa persona, que te sigue hasta un lugar. 
  • to direct (directed, directed)
    The woman at the information desk directed me to my hotel.
    The police agent directed me to the nearest post office.

  • to take (took, taken)
    My parents took me to the airport.
    The taxi driver took me to the nearest post office.

  • to lead (led, led)
    The waiter led us to a table near the window.
    Our tourist guide led us through the city.

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