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An anagram is a word or phrase that forms a different word or phrase when the letters are rearranged. For example, percussion is an anagram of supersonic. Other one-word anagrams are:

no - on
eat - tea
meat - team
tools - stool
solemn - melons
servant - taverns
despair - praised
nameless - salesmen
carthorse - orchestra
intoxicate - excitation
legislators - allegorists
conversation - conservation
containerised - inconsiderate
interrogatives - tergiversation

Here are some anagrams to form phrases.

point - on tip
twinges - we sting
enormity - more tiny
funeral - real fun
uniformity - I form unity
astronomer - moon-starer
revolution - love to ruin
legislation - is it legal? No
militarism - I limit arms
considerate - care is noted
mesaurements - man uses meter
schoolmaster - the classroom
presbyterian - best in prayer
alphabetically - I play all the ABC
a telehone girl - repeating 'hello'
French revolution - violence run forth
police protection - let cop cope in riot
the man who laughs - he's glum, won't ha-ha
Roma was not built in a day - any labour I do wants time

one plus twelve = 13
two plus eleven = 13
These two phrases are anagrams and they also are true because the result is 13 in both cases.
(Sent by José Saavedra from Barinas, Venezuela)


Now, try to decipher these anagrams. When you're finished have a look at the answers.

it ran
mad policy
made sure
seen as mist
one is apart
a rope ends it
two plus eleven
calculating rules

(Extracted from the Guinness Book of Words)



We thank Julio Antonio Alvarez Martínez (from Itaguí, Colombia) for his contribution.


train - diplomacy - measured - steaminess - separation - desperation - one plus twelve - integral calculus

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