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ESL Guide to American Business English

This book is an excellent source for newcomers to American business practices.

It includes eighty different documents with plenty of vocabulary, and the extensive table of contents and index make it relatively easy to locate particular areas of interest.

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Business English

This updated edition provides clear, concise instruction on every form of business writing, from traditional business letters to e-mail and other electronic communications. Pointing out that effective business English begins with mastering grammar and sentence structure, the author presents a brush-up course on the basics of correct usage.

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The Elements of Grammar

A handy compendium of grammar used specially in business, with plenty of explanations and examples.

The book follows the same format as the previous version, a perennial bestseller guide to refining and improving grammar and style.

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Speed Reading for Business

The necessary task of digesting the paperwork that's part of a business operation can steal valuable time from a manager's work day. Here's a good solution to that problem - methods for increasing reading and comprehension speed by three to five times.

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