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Listening Comprehension - Comprensión Auditiva

Cómo realizar este ejercicio de comprensión auditiva

- Siempre encontrarás una pequeña introducción, que puede ayudarte a comprender el tema tratado.

- Antes de mirar el video, lee las preguntas y las opciones presentadas, para saber exactamente lo que debes averiguar y así escuchar con más atención esa información.

- Quizás puedes deducir las respuestas sin necesidad de mirar el video. Sin embargo, debes confirmar con el video cuál es la opción correcta.

- Puedes mirar el video cuantas veces sea necesario. Pero es recomendable hacerlo solamente dos veces (o tres veces como máximo) ya que esa es la forma en que normalmente se realizan estos ejercicios en exámenes y pruebas internacionales.

- Comprueba tus aciertos pulsando el botón "Corregir". Si no has podido completar todas las palabras, pulsa el botón "Solución" para ver cuáles eran las que te faltaban.

- Una vez terminado el ejercicio, puedes pulsar "Ver texto" para leer el texto completo y comprobar las respuestas.

Pollution Threatens Houseboat Owners' Way of Life in Kashmir
Topic: Houseboat business dating from the days of the British Raj important economic contributor to Himalayan region. A centuries-old way of life for boat people living on once pristine Himalayan lakes is threatened by pollution in Indian-controlled Kashmir. Source: VOA

Watch the video and choose the right answer.

Click here to watch the video

1. Tuman's family has been working there since _____.

2. The lakes have shrunk to _______________ of their original size.
less than half.
more than half.

3. India's government has spent ____________________________ to have the lakes cleaned.
ten million dollars.
tens of millions of dollars.
twenty million dollars.

4. Tuman says the dredging machines have not helped with the pollution problem.
It's not said on the video.

5. Houseboats also contribute to the lake's pollution.
It's not said on the video.


Ver texto

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Every morning for nearly seven decades Azim Tuman has looked out over Nagin Lake in Indian-controlled Kashmir. He and his family operate houseboats and cater to tourists from around the world.

"My family has been one of the pioneers among the four families who started tourism here. We have a record from 1880."

These delicately carved houseboats have been moored along the tranquil waters of Dal Lake and Nagin Lake of Srinagar since British colonial days. The boat business fell off in recent years because of the conflict between India and Pakistan over Control of Kashmir.

"These 19 years have broken our backs."

Now, there's relative peace along the lakes and tourists are starting to return. Still, houseboat operators say their livelihood is threatened.

Sewage from more than a million people dumps directly into the lakes. And springs that feed them are blocked by trash and human waste.

In the last three decades the lakes have shrunk to less than half their original size. India's central government has pumped tens of millions of dollars to have the lakes cleaned. Most of the money was spent on dredging equipment. But Tuman and others who live on the lakes say these machines rarely work and have not helped with the pollution problem.

Houseboats also contribute to the lake's pollution
and the development authority says they should install small sewage systems. Azim Tuman's son, Yaseen, agrees, but he says some boat owners can't afford it.

Yaseen and his father disagree on the future of the houseboat industry.

"My calculation for the houseboat industry is for another 25 years."

His son is more hopeful. "The future of the industry is very much connected to the future of the lakes. The more we get our lakes cleaner we leave them secure for the future generations, the future of the houseboats is good.
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