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Listening Comprehension - Comprensión Auditiva

Cómo realizar este ejercicio de comprensión auditiva

- Siempre encontrarás una pequeña introducción, que puede ayudarte a comprender el tema tratado.

- Antes de escuchar el audio, lee las preguntas y las opciones presentadas, para saber exactamente lo que debes averiguar y así escuchar con más atención esa información.

- Quizás puedes deducir las respuestas sin necesidad de escuchar el audio. Sin embargo, debes confirmar con el audio cuál es la opción correcta.

- Puedes escuchar el audio cuantas veces sea necesario, pero se recomienda hacerlo solamente dos veces (o tres veces como máximo) ya que esa es la forma en que normalmente se realizan estos ejercicios en exámenes y pruebas internacionales.

- Comprueba tus aciertos pulsando el botón "Corregir". Si no has podido completar todas las palabras, pulsa el botón "Solución" para ver cuáles eran las que te faltaban.

Eat Nuts to Stay Healthy
Topic: Transcript of radio broadcast. Source: VOA

Escucha el audio y completa los recuadros.

1. How many nuts do you need to eat to get health benefits?
A lot of nuts every day.
A big amount of nuts, walnuts, peanuts and chestnuts.
You do not need to eat many nuts.

2. Eating nuts protects specially the health of ______.
both men and women.

3. How many grams of nuts per day is enough to get the full health benefits?
About 5.
About 10.
About 20.

4. Why is peanut butter not recommended?
Because it contains added oils and sugars.
Because it is more expensive.
Because it is made from roasted nuts.

5. Nuts are most healthy if you eat them ______.
roasted in oil.

6. Which is the nut with the least fat and fewest calories?

7. Walnuts are loaded with ______.


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From VOA Learning English, this is the Health & Lifestyle report.

People have long known that nuts are part of a healthy diet. However, scientists in the Netherlands recently found that you do not need to eat many to get all the health benefits.

The researchers found that eating a handful of nuts or peanuts every day is linked to a lower risk of death from several major diseases.

Piet van den Brandt, a professor of epidemiology at Maastricht University, led the research. He says that eating nuts protects the health of both men and women.

"Nut intake seemed to be protective for both men and women, and that was on total mortality – any cause of death."

Professor van den Brandt adds that you do not need as many nuts as health experts earlier suggested.

"What we found is that the beneficial effect(s) of nuts and peanuts is already apparent at a lot lower levels of intake than has been suggested before."

About 10 grams a day is enough to get the full health benefits of nuts. That is about an average-sized handful.

Nuts are high in fat and calories. So, eating a handful before dinner can help you to eat less. But eating too many can ruin your appetite altogether.

However, the researchers found that many peanut butters did not give the same health benefits as plain peanuts. That is because most peanut butters contain added oils and sugars.

Also, when choosing which nuts to eat, avoid those stored or roasted in oil. Dry-roasted is better but still the high temperatures can kill the healthy nutrients. Nuts are most healthy if you eat them raw.

Not all nuts are created equal:

Nuts differ in their fat and nutrient content.

Almonds are among the least fatty nuts. Almonds also have calcium and are high in Vitamin E. Vitamin E helps to protect the body from disease. And it's good for skin and eyes.

Chestnuts are the nut with the least fat and fewest calories
. Chestnuts are rich in carbohydrates and fiber. And in their raw form, chestnuts are a good source of vitamin C. Roasted chestnuts are a popular treat in the winter.

If you do not eat meat, cashews are a good substitute. Cashews have lots of protein and minerals, like iron and zinc. They also have the mineral magnesium, which may help to improve memory.

Walnuts are loaded with antioxidants, compounds that may help protect against cancer. They are also loaded with heart-friendly fats and omega-3s. So, walnuts are a good choice for people who do not eat fish.

Pecans are good if you want to feel less tired and pistachios can help balance your hormone levels.

And that's the Health & Lifestyle report.

I'm Anna Matteo.
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